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Callisto - Providence CD (European Version)

Image of Callisto - Providence CD (European Version)


This is the special European Edition. It is extremely rare in the US & Canada and comes in a printed clear plastic slipcase.

The songs on Providence are built upon layers of melodies, but still far from the conventions of pop music. This is progressive music in its truest form. The band colors their aural approach with mellotrons, prog rock overtones, some jazz and a litany of other stylish influences drawn from the seventies. Those with a fondness for Neurosis and their ilk will still find a lot to digest in these majestic compositions, while those into progressive heavyweights such as King Crimson and Opeth will not be dissapointed.


In Session
Rule The Blood
Covenant Colours
Eastern Era
New Canaan
Where The Spirits Tread
Dead Weight
Drying Mouths (In A Gasping Land)